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following back tons


following back tons

Can’t help but feel like I’ve been fucking up everything lately

*looking at my legs*: Oh my god why
*looking at my stomach*: Oh my god why
*looking at my arms*: Oh my god why
*looking at my face*: Oh my god why
*trying to exercise*: Oh my god why
*eating shitty food*: Oh my god why
*weighing myself*: Oh my god why
*looking at my life*: Oh my god why
*looking at my music taste*: cool man


my fashion sense is called i am cold and pissed off

The best revenge is not giving a shit.
(via gloomyteens)


yeah good grades are cool and all but have you ever had a good night sleep

I melt everytime I see your smile.
When I see my love smile (via myunexpectedd)

kissing you is probably the only thing that sounds right lately